Here's the problem

The chance of making Partner is only 5-15%. The new normal is not making it any easier.

You’ve already achieved a level of success, but…

  • Are you energized every day or worn out from all the demands on your career/life?

  • Are you leveraging your passions, strengths and experiences to be exceptional?

  • Are you fulfilled, living a life of purpose, happy?

  • Do you have a clear path-to-partner?

  • Let’s improve your chances with my DNA™ method that has helped thousands reach their goal of Partner!

What is different about the DNA™ 90-day structure?

You work with your personal executive coach who assists you to understand the process more completely, customizes for impactful application and provides an accountability to complete the process.

  • You will be assigned your personal 1-on-1 Executive Coach. An effective coach can turn a training program from good to great!

  • There will be videos to assist you through each of your 3 Steps of the 90-day exercise.

  • Follow along with the DNA™ manual, podcasts and suggested readings.

  • It works! This time-tested process has successfully accelerated Managers to Partners.

I feel your concern, “If I don’t discover my authenticity, my purpose, my plan, I may never get to Partner.”

Here are 4 life-changing steps to take now
to improve your chances to making Partner!

  • Step 1 Discover. Use my DNA ™assessment tool. It will get you started by identifying your elements: passions, strengths, experiences, etc.

  • Step 2a Drill Down. Here is where many assessment tools are lacking. Take what you identified in Step 1 and get more specificity of who, what, where, when. For example, one of my elements is make an impact. Drilling down will uncover who do I want to impact, what do I want to impact them on, where & when I want to do it. This gives you much more clarity and makes it easy to take action. By the way, my tool, Dream and Achieve-90 Days to a Life of Purpose™ gives you that specificity.

  • Step 2b Use the drill down to create/articulate the 3 key platforms you need to be a Partner.
    1. Client/industry platform
    2. Knowledge platform
    3. Organization platform

  • Step 3 Action. For each of your drilled down elements, you need to design a 3-month and then a 3-day action plan. This takes those bigger plans and breaks them down into bite size actions that you can do right now.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction video

    • Introduction video

    • What prompted you to take this online course?

  • 2

    Let's get started down the Path-to-Partner

    • Description of the process video

    • Path-to-Partner instructions

    • Download the DNA™ Manual

    • Download the DNA™ exercise workbook

  • 3

    Dream and Achieve (DNA) Step 1 Elements

    • DNA™ Step 1 Elements video

    • Download the DNA™ exercise workbook

    • DNA™ Step 1 Elements instructions

  • 4

    Dream and Achieve (DNA) Step 2 Drill Down

    • DNA™ Step 2 Drill Down video

    • DNA™ Step 2 Drill Down instructions

  • 5

    Dream and Achieve (DNA) Step 3 Action

    • DNA™ Step 3 Action video

    • DNA™ Step 3 Action instructions

  • 6


    • Go-forth video

    • Go-forth instructions

    • Do you have any suggestions to improve this process?

Master Coach, Lance Tanaka

Managing Director & Master Coach

Lance Tanaka

Lance, a Japanese-American was born, raised and educated in the US, but has spent most of his professional life living and working throughout Asia.

He is currently the founder and Managing Director of Asia Executive Resource Ltd. (AER), a Lance Tanaka Group (LTG) company that provides executive coaching for the “best of the best”, working with the leading multinational and local companies in their respective industries throughout Asia-Pacific and the US.

Since AER’s inception in 2001, Lance has accumulated over 17,000 coaching hours of executives throughout Asia, US and Europe. He has coached over 800 C-suite executives from the top global firms

- top 10 investment banks - big 4 accounting firms

- big 3 consulting firms - top 10 hi-tech companies

- top 10 automobile companies

- top pharmaceutical/bio-tech cos.

From 1997 to 2001, as Vice President of International for Nike-Cole Haan working out of Hong Kong, Lance restructured and set up new operations throughout Asia and Europe.

Lance held a number of senior positions in Pepsi-Cola International in a 15 year period • Managing Director of Pepsi-Cola and Salim Group Joint Venture in Indonesia • Vice-President of South Asia Pepsi-Cola out of Singapore • President of Pepsi-Cola and President Enterprises Joint Venture in Taiwan • Sales Director Tokyo Bottling Company in Japan